Work in the APCS area


Measuring, monitoring and control instrumentation mounting
1. Mount initial sensors to measure technological parameters, signal converters, secondary record and alarm devices, actuators, regulators, computer equipment (industrial personal computers, programmable logic controllers, printers, displays, control board / keyboard)
2. Mount communication facilities (networking computerized remote transceivers, modems, faxes, telephones, interfaces adapter, etc.), cabling to transmit technical data and control
3. Mount telemetry instrumentation, sound and light alarm devices and units, automatic regulators, control stations.
4. Mount low voltage switching equipments to control pneumo electrical motor, automation systems supply circuits protection equipment, uninterrupted power supply, low voltage alternating current converters

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1. Check-out  automation complex (initial sensors, converters, regulators, secondary instrument, actuators, communication facilities, programmable controllers, alarm units, etc.);
2. Check-out and inspect low voltage protecting and starting units of actuators, automation units power circuits, uninterrupted power supply, automation control units,  emergency protection and alarm;
3. Check-out computer systems (install operational system, install applications including SCADA-packages configuration and feature determination, check and diagnose peripheral, networking and auxiliary equipment, check-out automation system algorithms, information and software)


Maintenance and Customer’s staff training

        Automation and recording system;

        Measurement, control and monitoring instrumentation;

        Training, maintenance and consulting support.


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