img0008.pngVerBulak Ltd is a Kazakhstan Company that launched its activities in 2005 provide services and implement APCS for enterprises of Kazakhstan.

The Company VerBulak has got its new cycle of development due to employment of a group of engineering experts in summer 2009.

The Company started its active operations in the area of integrated design of industrial facilities, development and implementation of automated process control systems.

The Company principle is competency and experience. The highly qualified and technically trained staff is working for the Company with tested and approved procedures and equipment, they are able to perform the works and provide technological services, design, mounting and commissioning works. The Company’s employees have got the highest technical qualifications thanks to their experience accumulated and well planned professional development technical training program conducted on a regular basis both in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

At present the Company has experienced in design and implementation of automation systems, APCS, LTMS and SCADA-systems in different areas. VerBulak Ltd. is in close cooperation with the largest worldwide manufacturers of soft and hardware for EC&I and APCS, such as Siemens, АВВ, Emerson, Invensys, Honeywell, Drager, Yokogawa, VEGA, MANOTHERM.

Relying on the highly qualified staff and rich experience VerBulak Ltd. provides its customers with the complete range of integrated industrial design services and works.

It should be noted, that specialists currently working for VerBulak Ltd. participated in design of a metallurgical plant for Kazferrostal Ltd., development of draft project Caspian Stal Ltd. Metallurgical Plant in Aktau, as well the feasibility study Conversion of Uncompleted Corrosion Resistant Coating Manufacturing Plant, Atyrau to produce rolled steel out of scraped steel pipes for Standard Region Pipe Ltd. Moreover, they designed a hardware plant (electrometallurgical, rolling and metal goods productions), Ekibastuz for ANT Group of Companies Ltd. and Hoop Metallurgical Plant, Taraz for AS TMK Ltd.

VerBulak Ltd. in n good partnership relations in ferrous industry with specialists of Lengypromez Llc. and Planning and Ferrous Metallurgy Research Institution, PRC.

Effective cooperation with well known worldwide companies, higher educational institutions in Kazakhstan and abroad, growing information flow became the base to set up the magazine Automation Digest by VerBulak Ltd.

 INTERTEK.jpgVerBulak has implemented Integrated Management System which includes:

 1. Quality Management System, which complies with ISO 9001:2015, certificate QMS 131225 issued by Intertek Certification Limited in January 09, 2019;

 2. Environmental Management System, which meets the requirements of ISO 14001:2015, certificate EMS 131225, issued by Intertek Certification Limited in January 09, 2019;

 3. Health and Safety Management System, which meets the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007, certificate OHS 131225, issued by Intertek Certification AS in January 09, 2019.

Presentation of VerBulak