Equipment supply

Постаки КИПиА от VB.jpgEquipment supply

Automation techniques, cables, low voltage equipment supply 

VerBulak Ltd. performs comprehensive delivery of the whole range equipment for control systems, automation and dispatching, advanced telecommunication and networking equipment, cables and low voltage equipment from leading worldwide suppliers.

VerBulak Ltd. activity is devoted to meet customers’ needs in terms of professional quick supply of equipment at best prices.

Our customers are state and commercial organizations, industrial enterprises (companies) and system integrators, small business entities and private persons.

Our suppliers are worldwide recognized developers and manufacturers, leaders of the market.

We are ready to offer mutually benefit conditions in terms of automation and fitting equipment supply from the following manufacturers: Honeywell, Siemens, Emerson, Vega, Manoterm, Yokogawa, Legrand, KRONE, ABB, Burkert and others.

Equipment from the above mentioned manufacturers was selected on the basis of own experience in mounting, design and survey works, and we can easily state that equipment we offer is the best one in its segment in terms of value for money.

An important role during the construction process, reconstruction, and production conversion belongs to operability of equipment and materials supply. Procurement specialists are aware of all phases of systems mounting. Therefore, they can offer delivery options and calculations convenient for a customer. Smooth running logistics and transportation system allows packaging orders of any complication within the most sort period.