Comprehensive design


Pre-project engineering

1. Inspection of existing facilities and enterprises in terms of reconstruction, technical retooling, conversion and automation;
2. Participation in sites selection for new construction and initial data collection for designing;
3. Development of feasibility studies (designing terms of reference) and technical quotations for new construction, as well as existing production reconstruction, technical retooling, conversion and automation;
4. Development of technical quotations and feasibility studies for new construction, as well as existing production reconstruction, technical retooling, conversion and automation; 

At this stage it is going on selection and approval of a construction site, development of preliminary environmental impact assessment (preliminary EIA) and feasibility study (FS), as well as definition of suppliers for main technological equipment is being realized to determine economic efficiency and technical feasibility of new construction or reconstruction of existing enterprise, premises and facilities.

Our specialists take part in the land plot, premises, structures inspection ad provide a customer with their recommendations concerning structural evaluation to place a manufacturing planned. Also, besides feasibility study development, we submit to a customer information necessary to receive preliminary technical conditions, participate in negotiations with equipment suppliers, approvals of a land plot allocation, as well as, if necessary, participate in the feasibility study state appraisal for financing purposes.

Design works
1. Comprehensive design of:
- industrial enterprises, buildings and premises;
- agricultural enterprises;
- manufacturing and storage facilities, terminals, etc.;
- engineering infrastructure networks and structures;
- utilities systems enterprises and facilities.
2. Automation process control systems design:
- existing production inspection, development of automation system feasibility study;
- field IACS design;
- APCS (industrial sequence control systems, communication devices, remote terminals);
-SCADA and MES-systems (technological data collection and processing, operation and control stations);
- development of organization, information and math support and software for APCS;
- APSMCS and telecontrol systems in different areas.
3. Development of design documentation for nonstandard equipment

Design of enterprises, premises and facilities according to BCR RK 1.02-01-2007 «Work manual for development, approval, confirmation and composition of construction design documentation» shall be done in two stages:

  1) Draft: development of major design concepts as per the master plan, technology, architectural and civil engineering concept, engineering equipment (power supply, heating and ventilation, water supply and sewerage, etc.), draft construction organization, environmental impact assessment (EIA), summary construction cost estimate and other sections according to BCR RK 1.02-01-2007. At this stage besides development of design documentation including customer’s specifications, we provide necessary information to receive technical specifications, and also issue tasks for topographic and soil surveys for other contractors. Our specialists participate in elaboration of technical specifications for main technological equipment supply contracts, design approval by the state supervisory bodies and state appraisal. The design with positive findings of a state appraisal entitles to apply for construction permit.

  2) Working documentation: development of detailed drawings, specifications and local cost estimate, as well as terms of reference to design nonstandard equipment for manufacturers, i.e. set of documents for construction could be done both before construction and in parallel as per a schedule approved.
For construction objects those do not require long-term designing, including civil engineering of low cost buildings and premises, medium or low-powered industrial purposes projects, as well as linear structures the design documentation is developed in one stage – construction design stage.

All design estimate documentation is developed in accordance with current building codes and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. If necessary, the design documentation might be performed in compliance with international standards. Our specialists have also experience in adaptation of design documentation made by foreign designers to requirements of the building codes and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Construction design supervision 

In order to provide compliance technological, architectural and civil engineering and other concepts and technical-and economic indexes for the construction objects being in operation with concepts and indexes foreseen in the projects approved (construction design), as well as to increase responsibility of project designers, construction and mounting organization and customers in terms of high quality of buildings and premises being constructed and reconstructed and observance of their estimated cost, we under a separate  construction design supervision contract perform all works as stipulated in the construction design supervision regulations.

Construction design supervision, as well as tasks for design (design estimate) documentation developers regardless ownership form and departmental affiliation during design supervision of new buildings construction, extension, reconstruction and technical conversion of existing buildings, as well as dwelling houses and cultural-domestic institutions is conducted on the basis of construction design supervision regulations dated of  November 22, 2004.