Verbulak is a project started up in summer 2009 by the group of professionals in engineering and project management.
The Company is operating in the sphere of (i) comprehensive industrial design and (ii) design and implementation of technology automation.

The Verbulak background is human and business relation inside engineering society. Thus, we are always open to accept new partners into the Project those are able to increase the Company value.

Verbulak is publishing the magazine Automation Digest. This is the only specialized publication for applied technologies and techniques automation management.

Mission and Values
The Verbulak mission is a private company concentrated on high quality engineering services to make our customers’ business more effective and safe. Through this we create economic and social value for owners, employees and society.
People – We believe, that people and their ability to develop are the only real capital for the Company.
Reputation – Honest, decency and reliability of employees and business partners are the basis of our business, Therefore, observe the high ethic norms is a crucial element in the Company’s success.
Quality – We set an objective that customers and society would be satisfied resulting in our work. This approach requires continuos quality enhancement.